Little Rock Technology Park Announces Phase 1 Tenants

The Little Rock Technology Park has signed its first set of tenant agreements in anticipation of the Phase 1 developments opening March 1, 2017. The multi-tenant, 38,000 square facility, currently under construction, will be home to technology-focused entrepreneurs, startups and established companies in the 400 block of Main Street in Downtown Little Rock.

The Venture Center

The Little Rock Technology Park’s first lease space tenant already plays a key role in the strategic plan to be more than just office space. A LR Tech Park tenant since January 2015, the Venture Center’s ability to support entrepreneurs through intense educational programming, run valuable networking and community building programs as well as the integration of their highly successful VC FinTech Accelerator (financial technology) make them a natural partner in the expanded Main Street space. In the first two years, the Venture Center has supported the creation of 153 new jobs in Central Arkansas, and their member companies have raised a collective $6.78 million.

This past summer, the Little Rock Tech Park provided space for the Venture Center run, FIS sponsored FinTech Accelerator out of the LR Tech Park @ 107 space on Markham St. The Venture Center has plans for two accelerators in 2017 to be hosted in the new facility. The Venture Center team is already taking applications in preparation to bring the next wave of innovators to Little Rock.

Phase 1 furnished space tenants include:

Corporate Insight Strategy
CIS provides a corporate maturity assessment platform designed to speed corporate growth and reduce risk of mergers and acquisitions (Venture Center Member and Pre-Accelerator alum)

iDatafy builds contributory database solutions that help companies fight fraud and improve marketing efficiencies (Venture Center member)

Developers of a a science eCommerce engine designed to drive lab efficiency and savings via ordering and inventory management tools

LumoXchange is a currency exchange marketplace for global peer-to-peer payments (Venture Center member)

PC Assistance
Technology Consulting Firm for small and medium businesses specializing in Cybersecurity, Network Management and full IT Managed Support

The Kelly Blue Book of fixed income securities using technology and education to empower institutional investors to better manage their portfolios (Venture Center member)

Manufacturer of biotechnology and medical device products

Sparkible builds data-focused online marketing co-ops for affiliate groups

Mary Lewis
Executive Director of Accelerate Arkansas

Clay Simmons, Comcast
Senior Manager, Software Engineering & Development

LumoXchange, previously of Atlanta, GA and PFITR, headquartered in St. Louis, MO are new to the market after successful exits from the aforementioned FinTech accelerator. LumoXChange subsequently formed a partnership with Arkansas’ Bear State Bank to grow its product. PFITR is taking advantage of Little Rock’s depth of bond market and institutional investing knowledge while seeking clients coast to coast.

Not including the Venture Center’s 1,955 rentable square feet, the facility’s furnished space is 65% reserved with more tenant announcements coming in the very near future. The placement of these companies equates to nearly 50 combined technology-focused jobs set to operate out of the Phase 1 buildings on day one.

The Little Rock Technology Park’s space includes facilities for startups and established technology-focused tenants and will include a retail coffee shop on the first floor. The Little Rock Technology Park’s mission is to serve and support a burgeoning technology industry with state of the art space, conference facilities, dedicated 1 GB internet and onsite parking with the premise to foster the growth of the area’s technology community.

Remaining availabilities range from coworking desks, small 1-2 person suites and two 5,800 square feet full floors that may be broken down into smaller suites depending on tenant needs.

The Little Rock Technology Park Authority (“LRTPA”) is a nonprofit public corporation of the state of Arkansas formed in 2011 to acquire, develop and manage a research-technology center in Little Rock, Arkansas. The projected five phase project has been financially supported by sponsors: University of Arkansas for Medical Science (UAMS), University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the City of Little Rock as well as Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The citizens of Little Rock endorsed the development by approving a sales tax allocation that will provide $22,000,000 in capital funding disbursed over the period 2012 – 2021.


Brent Birch, Executive Director

Kevin Zaffaroni, Chairman


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“The Little Rock Technology Park is paramount for the metro Little Rock region to remain competitive economically. Our Phase 1 tenants will benefit from the opportunities to bloom with facilities and features that rival much larger cities in terms of professional, tech-focused office space and amenities.  We want these companies to grow and remain in Little Rock and this facility gives us a recruiting tool that previously didn’t exist in this market.”

Kevin Zaffaroni, Chairman
Little Rock Technology Park Authority

“Our initial group of tenants feel the energy and see the vision of a space that will allow innovators and entrepreneurs to thrive in an exciting, state of the art facility and have access to peers with similar goals and initiatives. I’ve witnessed the energy, determination, collaboration and community in and between these companies announced today. These are exciting times for Little Rock and the best is yet to come.”

Brent Birch, Executive Director
Little Rock Technology Park

“The Venture Center is excited to continue our partnership with the LRTP. As we expand our numerous programs and continue to build the world’s only global financial technology accelerator VC FinTech, the LRTP will be a great place to bring these high-growth potential entrepreneurs together with the established business community for mentorship, education and networking.“

Lee Watson
Venture Center
President & CEO

“Corporate Insight Strategy is excited about moving to the new Tech Park facility.  We are looking forward to being immersed in an environment that is both contemporary in design and a hive of entrepreneurial energy.  We also appreciate the ease of moving into this office space, in that it is completely furnished and flexible enough to support our growth.”

Alese Stroud, CEO
Corporate Insight Strategy

“The Little Rock Technology Park is a great place to work remotely. I get to live and raise a family in my home town of Little Rock while staying engaged with the local tech and business community. As an engineering leader for Comcast, the Tech Park provides a foundation from which to grow my team with local talent. It’s also a great location to enjoy the benefits of working in downtown Little Rock.”

Clay Simmons, Senior Manager, Software Engineering & Development

“I my travels over the last 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to visit many technology start-up facilities nationwide.  The Little Rock Technology Park gives our community a great asset for recruitment and growth of start-ups that outshines many larger cities facilities. “

Mike Steely, Co-Founder

“Over the past 5 years, we’ve grown 60% in staff and are facing issues with capacity in our current office space.  We’re excited about the opportunity that the LR Tech Park will provide to address our issues and also the opportunity it provides for us to be involved in such an exciting venture.  Adding a second location for our growth in downtown will be great for our staff on that side of town and the flexibility of the space will provide additional opportunity for our IT support staff to have another location to leverage as needed.”

Ted Clouser, Executive Vice President
PC Assistance

“We fell in love with the people and the City, the Venture Center and the VC Fintech Accelerator are first class. Little Rock has a significant population that has extensive bond market and fixed income securities knowledge. This location has quite a few engineers and programmers that know the banking software industry. These are two essential components for us to grow and thrive.”

Jim Koetting, CEO

“The technology park not only brings innovation to Little Rock, but supports new developing business, which attracts investment benefiting the State. And the best example has started with Jim, the founder of PFITR who has moved from St. Louis and has already employed people here in Arkansas to establish and grow this business from the Little Rock Technology Park.”

Eileen Deveraux, Sales Operation Manager