415 Building

The contractor has hung out the steel stair and welded the metal centering in place on the landings. Handrails are being installed. The plumbing rough-in is complete and ready for backfill and slab re-pour at the first floor existing slab.

417 Building

First Floor
Sprinkler installation continues at the entry. Metal stud work continues on walls. Sheetrock is being hung.

Second Floor
Sheetrock is being hung. Corner bead is being installed.

Third Floor
Tape and float has started on sheetrock. The electrician continues pulling wire.

Fourth Floor
Tape and float continues on sheetrock.

Fifth Floor
Painting continues on the structure, sheetrock walls and ceiling furr downs. Interior aluminum storefront is being installed.

Sixth Floor
Aluminum storefront installation continues. Sound masking speaker wiring is being installed. The sheetrock is being installed around the door frame at the west stair. Communication and data cabling continues.